Brief History of Steroids

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Steroids have taken over the market of supplements and weight loss products in quick succession. There were the days when people were forced to use traditional methods of losing weight and building body but now all traditional methods are replaced by supplements. And any way it is not the bad idea. As we look into time we are living in, everything seems to be so fast and efficient that cutting out some time becomes very tough. In this very situation, we are becoming more and more depended on advancements rather than getting up and working hard for anything, except job because we are paid for that. Amongst the most popular inventions, there is one supplement who has created its name amongst the people in this world is steroid.


What are Steroids?

Steroids are the synthetic drugs which boost up the male sex hormones called testosterone present inside our body which helps to increase the metabolism rate and build body muscles.


History of steroids…

The history of steroids was started back in 1930s when the word steroid wasn’t even used. Basically, a team of scientists were able to create a synthetic form of male sex hormone to provide body sufficient hormones needed in several things like male features, sexual activeness etc. Later on in World War II, these synthetic drugs were prove to be more efficient and effective when they were given to the soldiers and surprisingly the soldiers were becoming more efficient and active as well as stronger than before. Moreover, as the popularity of those supplements increased worldwide the athletes too became fond of utilizing them. In Olympics 1956, Soviet athletes especially wrestlers are found using the artificial testosterone to boost up their efficiency and energy level.


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As the time passed by, the usage of steroids became more frequent and common. An American physician (Dr. Zeigler) created the most known form of steroids which individuals commonly utilize currently, Anabolic Steroids. Until 1970s, the use of steroids was spread all over from Olympic athletes to the highly professional sportsmen and high school athletes. Therefore, the usage of steroids had been rising so quickly that the authorities had to ban it from every sporting event however the sale of steroids wasn’t able to stop.


Utilizing in a controlled way

The history of steroids is very vast. Starting from one synthetic drug, there are now thousands of different steroids available in the market. The utilization of steroids is no harm to any individual until and unless the usage gets out of control. We all are aware how drugs and medications can be addictive. Similarly, steroids are addictive as well once an individual use it unnecessarily. On the back side of the package, the directions are always written from every product, including steroids. In order to consume it in a more effective and sensible, it is always been advised to follow the direction written on the package. Steroids cause no harm to our body unless we consume it carelessly, so stay calm, be careful and witness the benefits steroids give you.