Benefits of Online Medical Consultation

4 months ago Imas Masitoh Comments Off on Benefits of Online Medical Consultation

Online medical consultation is a process by which the patients can consult the doctor with the help of internet without personally visiting him. They have become very popular nowadays and there are many websites like WebMD, MaYoClinic, Doctor on call, MSN Health, Everyday Health offering round the clock medical care. They offer complete treatment to the patients, starting from answering the call, issuing a prescription, diagnosis of the disease and treatment of the patient. Here everything can be done without the patient personally visiting the doctor’s clinic. This mode of treatment is particularly helpful for chronically ill patients. For them, physical displacement is a painstaking task.

Benefits of Online Medical Consultation

Online medical consultation has become an upcoming trend not only among the urban population but also among the people in tier 2 and tier 3 cities.  They offer a lot of benefits, which can be discussed below.

  • No Local Boundaries

With the help of online medical consultation, even the rural population of the country can gain access to the most trained doctors. The rural patients no longer have to travel a long distance to meet the doctors. You can register in different portals like WebMD, MaYoClinic, Doctor on call and then avail expert medical consultation from the different experienced doctors registered there.


  • Cost-Effective Solution

Most of the online medical portals accept all major form of insurance and thereby providing the patients free or inexpensive form of treatment. Even if you do not have any insurance cover, the online doctors provide you affordable, cost-effective solution to your problems. Moreover, the cost incurred in travelling from the patient’s house to the doctor’s clinic can also be avoided in case of online medical consultation.


  • Time-Saving Procedure

One of the most important benefits of online consultation is it saves a lot of time on the part of a patient. The patient no longer has to spend a lot of time to travel a long distance and meet the doctor. Neither is he required to wait for long hours in the queue for his turn to seek medical consultation. In most of the portals, there is a facility of booking an appointment and talk to the doctor personally with the help of video call. So, the doctor can provide personal attention to the patient even without being physically present there.


  • Database About the Patient is Maintained

In case of an online medical consultation, a complete database about the patient is maintained in the portal’s software. In many cases, it is seen that the old patients tend to misplace their prescription. This problem is solved here, as the complete data about his ailment, diagnostic report and the treatment advised is maintained by the portal. Once your registration is complete you no longer have to worry about the safety of your files.


  • Privacy of the patient

In many cases, the patients feel uncomfortable in discussing their problem face to face with a doctor. This is especially seen if they are seeking consultation from a Psychiatric.  In online medical portals, complete secrecy about the patient’s portfolio is maintained by the website. So, here you do not have to worry that your personal information may get leaked out in public.


  • Round the clock advice

Sometimes, the patient may fall ill at odd hours. Getting a doctor to attend to him becomes a challenging task for his family members. This is the time when you can count on online medical consultation. They provide round the clock medical assistance. Some of the doctors are always on call. You can also use the video calling facility to speak face to face with the doctor. He can guide you to provide the initial first aid to the patient, after that if the situation demands, you can admit the patient to the hospital.


Thus we can see that online medical consultation portals like WebMD, MaYoClinic, and Doctor on call have bridged the gap between the patient and the doctor. They provide efficient and affordable care to the patients in times of need.